These videos are produced by me on my own responsibility. I am a free Christian and orient myself primarily to apocryphal and prophetic scriptures that have not been forced through the eye of a clerical needle.

These videos aim at raising awareness of our fellow brethren – the animals – and to see them as sentient creatures of God that we should respect and not kill. Another goal is to rehabilitate the name of Christ and of God by shedding light on the crimes which were and are committed in the name of God (see the video-series “The Church’s Blood Trail”) and have nothing to do with God or Christ – on the contrary.

I respect other opinions and hope that I, too, will be granted a differing view of things. Ultimately, everyone has to decide for themselves whether the content of the videos appear to be right for them or not.

I express my thanks to everyone who would like to support the production of these video documentations: Since I have been without an income for some time and am dependent on a small pension, I can no longer finance the production of the videos alone. Therefore, on the advice of some viewers, I have set up a donation account. On the YouTube channel Edi Maurer (“Community”) all donations received are regularly published with initials of the donors, so that everyone can have an insight and overview of the financial support.

See also the section “Donations”.

New Videos

Jesus and the Animals

At the time of Jesus of Nazareth, Jews who, for example, did not want to celebrate the ritual eating of a lamb at Passover were threatened with the death penalty. Ultimately, according to the apocryphal writings, Jesus' very refusal to eat a lamb at Passover became his death sentence. It...


A Little Girl and A Big Elephant Pooja and Shanti

The girl is called Pooja, and she was 6 years old when her father recorded this video. She is buying tomatoes for her friend Shanti. She does that every day when she is in India. But who is her friend Shanti? Shanti is an elephant, a temple elephant to be...